How can help me list view image text or colin tree

I want all the source of the picture title field in the list to be removed from the Firebase database, and then click the list to select the item and open the detailed information of the selected item, such as personal information, etc., but I do n’t know what to do now. This page is empty

Can you tell me more…

Okay, so, I want the data stored in the firebase database on one page to appear in the list view image text or the list of the conlin tree on another page, and it scrolls vertically. I mean I want to build A phone list, but I don’t understand how to get the firbase data into these two components. Given them, can you help me? If there is a picture it would be better, thank you

Please can u show your work so that i can help u to modify it

I ca n’t show it to you because my subtitles are all in Chinese. You ca n’t understand. My computer system is Chinese. I just need to know how to get the information I saved from the Firebase database and set it in the list veiw image text or colin tree

Can you show me how to get the profile settings from firbase to display in list view image text? I will be very grateful to you