How to use colintreelistview for firebase database?

Hello, I am still in the final stage, and before that I have read all the topics related to my question, but I still cannot solve this problem.
has anyone shared my knowledge with me?

please see what’s wrong with my block?

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Edit: If promoting YouTube Videos, then make sure they are in English.
try this

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I didn’t understand what he was saying, and he didn’t display the block clearly.

what is the error you get?
Did you checked that the value on a label?

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I only get one list from Firebase, even though there are many

This example, in the chat view already displays two lists.
but only one colintreelistview.

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where ? label ? or colintree listview?
First check it on label and simple listview and then apply on other extensions… It is good to use inbuilt component rather than extension

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Please Describe Clearly Your Issue.

I want to retrieve the Firebase database data and then I put it in the colintreelist view, but I have failed.

Do one thing remove list from csv row text