How can i check which activity user is using right now?

Hey i want to make a app which will tell how much a user uses any app and for how long and what time so all i need is to know which app user is using right now so please someone help.

Proper Explanation :- I want to track which app is used by the app in realtime like if the user is using whatsapp it must show in my app that user used whatsapp this much long and time from to upto.

If it is possible then please tell and if not then let me know.

It is not possible, and legal, to show user activity outside of your app. But you can use enhance app to create collect user data.

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Please can you explain how can i do so?
I have no idea about it.

when Button1.clicked, firebase store value tag=username value=clicked a button :rofl:

do like this for some components

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I’m sorry, but someone else already did what you want to do, and better.