How can i copy row id from spreadsheet

how can i copy data which i have called from spreadsheet

Can you elaborate more… What exactly do you want to achieve ? Also are you using airtable ? Google spreadsheet ? Baserow …?

i am using airtable. i am creating a quotes application for which i am using airtabe spreadsheet to store quotes and a dynamic button to copy quotes from spreadsheet

Use this extension to copy the content present in dynamic card or button or label

Credit @Taifun

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can you help me in block section

You want only to copy the content of (texts) displaying in the dynamic component only , right?

yes only text

i just want that when the button clicks… quotes should be copied.

Try like this…

thankew so much

not working :slightly_frowning_face:

Imagine, i have used anybutton click but your texts is not in the button… if so you must use get Id method

Show me your dynamic creation procedure

Do one thing… on click get the I’d of clicked component and replace the ID alone and put it in block , it will work

can u please show me how to do this

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thankew so much…finally worked :heart_eyes:

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