How can i create Professional History System in our Browser App

Please Help me I want to Create a Proffesional History System in Browser App Kodular

Store all search url’s in tinyDB and fetch it when need.

What Do You Mean By " Professional " , Any Additional Features or a Professional UI ?

Proffesional mean can we make history system like chrome

to do something professional starts with correct spelling…
I fixed it for you…



It has to be done using TinyDB and possibly some extensions. When the web page started loading event is called, then save it as a TinyDB value. Then another screen or list picker will read from that TinyDB tag and get its data (visited pages).

Welcome @Anmol_Raj

When webview loaded > add item (current url & title) in tinydb list
Show it as a list when needed.
Use dynamic components extension to make a custom Listview.
You can also display favicon of the site using that url.

When clicked on any item load that url.



But it was a mistake of my keyboard who types double letter many times