¿How can I decompose a QR code result?

Hello community, good morning I am working on a QR scanner which will read qr codes that contain various data (numbers, letters - combined) which I want to be displayed in different fields automatically.

Is there a way to organize the result and then assign it to each field, if I could do what the solution would be?

Could you provided an example of the qr code result ?

The result of the qr codes is:

The data that I need to assign to the different fields would be:

  1. DC9CC2F6-A250-4170-A715-732D1E3A9C16
  2. SOP0410217V5
  3. MLO081006NC5

Attachment Qr (all qr codes contain the same format)

Thank you for your answer!

Read :point_down:

try like this, you can use it any way to scan… Just drag and drop the png into your project and try


you can use replace block too… no issue

And another approach with split at any text at (list), for learning :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @Still-learning I appreciate you! It was very helpful and solved my doubts. I have marked your answer as a solution!

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Thank you very much @dora_paz I appreciate your time and the solution provided! the use of list division is a good alternative.


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