How can I do sums between hours

How can I do sums between hours.

Example: One day I worked 1:50
The other day I worked harder 0:40

Total hours = 2:30

How do I get to this result?

convert the hours into minutes and add the minutes to have the total in minutes, then add the total of minutes from the other day, then convert back into hours and minutes


I’ve tried this logic, but I didn’t find any block that converts hours into minutes.

do you know of any block that does that?

You have to do it yourself…
If you stuck then only we will help @nielson10

Friend, I made a working time tracking app. I suffered to know how to calculate the hours.

I managed to do it, transforming it into decimal hours. But it is very laborious.

I was asking here if there was any more practical way of having the same result.

Thanks for your not helping.

don’t be rude but only thing is that we want everyone to learn itself…
If you will try it you can do it…
First believe in yourself…


Ok, sorry , :grinning:

by the way every hour has 60 minutes and you need to use math blocks like 3x60=180



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Good work… keep it up…

1 hour = 60 minutes (at least that was true last time I checked!) :neutral_face:


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