Convert hours to decimal hours

As I can transform hours into decimal hours, in my application at some point the user will enter hours in minutes and this entry will be multiplied or divided by another number.

try this:
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Show examples …

So, I’ll try, but looking at the block you sent it gives me the impression that it takes the system time, not the user’s input.
I’ll see in a bit. Thank you

volume = drops * time

drops and time entries by the user.

Will the user enter 8:45 and this value will be multiplied /divided by a number? So friend, you need to use the relationships …1 hour = 60 minutes 1 minute = 60 seconds 1 day = 24 hours and work with those relationships …
1 Textbox for hour and 1 Textbox for minutes.

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This is not an example. Please show a concrete numerical example:
input (hours) → expected output (decimal hours)

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Or separate with split block at: and use only the first item before : , your number of hours and multiply by 60 and add with the part after : .

No, it takes the minute from the TimePicker (you are using a time picker, right?)

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It is an option. Thank you

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