Please help about Decimal time to Normal time

My app returns me the time in decimal, like switching to normal time.
Like, I need something to return the remainder of the division
Then I can multiply the remainder by 6 and find the minutes.
Please thank you

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Can you describe more so we could understand
And show what have you tried yet

Please search the community about formatting time. There are plenty of posts and tutorials. And don"t use capitals in title or posts,because they are like shouting!

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You can use math blocks to get the remainder of the division


Return 1

I don’t understand, I transform it into mileseconds and then format it?

Yes, where is the problem?

I will think a little, I do not understand, sorry.

So tell us what is the value the app returns (1.66666 hours?). And what is the expected result. Show examples.

If in normal 1,6667 , 1 represents hour and ,6667 represents minutes multiply by 3600000 to get millisec and then use @bodymindpower 's extension

Extension can be found here

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This whole piece, where I am a beginner

I don’t know how to use the extension

How do I add this tformat block?

Download aix file from above link, open your project in creator. In designer view , in palette scroll down to extension. Press import extension and when imported drag and drop in viewer. After that go to blocks and choose blocks from drawer

It worked,
man I’m even ashamed, but I’m learning
where I fit
in a variable that has the result I want to convert?

Minutes, I think I understand, thank you

missing 2 zeros in 36000

Tem como tirar os segundos
da extensão
Para ficar


Has how to take seconds
To stay an hour and forty minutes

I explored all the functions and found what I wanted.

The block programming problem
is to get a guy like me, lol
Thank you very much for your help.

I used hours / min and it worked

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In one of my oldest app, with a procedure I used this to suit my needs


Thank you, problem solved.

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