How can I do to indicate an address and have it marked on google maps?

I am testing what is the location on a map, and the location I could do it, now I wanted to try entering an address in a text field and that google maps locates it on the map, that will be possible, I hope you can help me, thanks

Hello here is my geolocation application.
Import it into your kodular and take the code that interests youPOSITION_PARTAGEE_en_cas_erreure_copie (1).aia (694.8 KB)

Thanks, what I would be looking for is to be able to enter a location manually and have it marked on the map. thanks for your help

Use blocks below



I tried those blocks but if I have the location sensor and google maps together, the location doesn’t work. At the moment I only have google maps and it works perfect, in that context I wanted to introduce a location, street and numbering, so that it would be located on the map