How can I get data from .json file

I want to develop an Offline Dictionary app. I downloaded a open source Dictionary json from Github and I want to use the .json file in the app. Is it possible in Kodular. I need to get value from the .json file for the user provided text.

This is how the .json file looks. If I want to get meaning for the text. Ex. If I want to get meaning for Wobble what block should I use to get the meaning of the text. The size of this .json file is 23 MB, when I upload it to the asset and save the apk. It becomes 4~5 MB. How?. I did not find a proper topic about this. So, I created a new Topic.

Link to Dictionary : GitHub - matthewreagan/WebstersEnglishDictionary: Webster's English Dictionary in JSON format, and related Swift parsing utility

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Can you provide a link to the dictionary?

This is the link…

Is this possible to use this file in kodular or can you tell me to use which file.

It is a very large 23 MB file, instead of having it in the app, you can put it in the SdCard.

You can get data via Web http request to get the json response. That would be lightweight and effective.

For parsing the response Kodular has a JsonUtil component.

This could help you:

I want to create a Offline dictionary at any cost. I’ve already created a online dictionary before. Now, I want a Offline Dictionary.

You can upload a .txt file in asset. Now get data from it.

how to do that…How can I get data from .txt…I also have a .txt file

This is the code to get dictionary definitions.
I have used a small dici.json dictionary with only 7 definitions, it only takes up 2 KB. You can download it from the Assets.

As I told you in a previous message, a 23 MB file is difficult to handle in Assets, even in SdCard.

Gran_Diccionario.aia (3.1 KB)


Thank You very much.