How Can I Get RealTime Data From Website To Label Text?

How Can I Get RealTime Data From Website To Lable Text?
I Want To Create Amazon Price Checker App So How Can I Show Real-Time Price To Lable Text? is It Posible? if Possible Than How Can I Do This??

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Use web components

and i think your need web components

Do Amazon provide API? If yes then they will be too easy to implement, search if they provide any kind of API for that

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I don’t think so there is such type of Api…If its possible then its really good .

Found something:

Here you will get api…

Component: Web in Connectivity
Block: When web1 got text…set label1 text to get response content.

Ya you have to read which part content you want & then you have to set it as per your requirements

I hope this will help you a bit

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