How Can i Get Row Number for A Particular Cell in Airtable

How Can i Get Row Number for A Particular Cell in Airtable if not possible please add this feature or which database provides this functionality

Use this to call a particular Row from a Cell.


did you try?


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To get the row number I want to edit, I put all the airtable data in the extension Material cards (Material Cards + Camera Viewer (SPONSORED!))

Then in that extension when you click an element tells you the position, which is just the row number…

When row created use total row components and - minus it with 1 to get particular row number(sorry for bad English) lekin agar aap Hindi jante ho to me aapko ache SE samja Sakta hu​:joy:

If I want to get row Number of a cell which contains specific value
Example ; a cell contains “Dog” how could I get row number

You can store the row I’d in firebase


In Airtable not possible

If you store the airtable list in a variable and call it with this block:


Then you can get the index of the value you are looking for.



hn bhai mai hindi mai jaana chahata hon ki
column mai koi text hai to os text ka row number kya hoga