Material Cards + Camera Viewer (SPONSORED!)

And it will be the easiest method for users to enable it.
And too btw with background color option and touch animation :wink:


does touch animation mean the ripple effect?

No. It is no ripple effect. I tried to add this but the code does not allows it.
It is a other animation for all android versions.

Hmm, are you sure that you can’t do the ripple effect? It would be very good looking if you can do it, we have time for the next release, don’t we?

Really, as CardView is a Material Design component it NEEDS a Material Design ripple effect. Because it’s a Material Design component, and because of this: we need to stick to the Material Design rules and guidelines. It won’t be cool to add another effect to CardView.

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Yes i am sure. I have tried it two days long.
It looks like that you want to create apps that looks like created apps with android studio.
Why dont you make then your apps with it?

We can NOT do all things in our builder that are possiple with android studio… Only the most.
But there are some limitations.
And you can trust me when I say that I have tried it that I tell how it is.
I hope you understand it now better.


But material icon not showing in button section


You forgot changing the font to Material Icons. Most likely.


where i have to change this. in the designer screen i have FontText and FontIcon where i can set a Image.
I have the same problem i want to use the favorite button, but i get only the name, not the icon.
I read that that i have to change something but i dont know where and what. Can someone explain me this pls.
To have theese buttons is a useful option for me.

can we get content and buttons option in card view without image option?

Thank you very very much!

perameter error occurs.

I tried using different version of this extenstion that you uploaded in other website.
It worked fine then. but there was other problem.
“When camera viewer data” didn’t work.
I did like set label text to “data”, but it didn’t work. it was empty.

just to let you know

Please add a feature to prevent from stuck at loading online images.

i tried that but i get only the words and not the icons. what did i wrong, pls help me.

it worked for me


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Like that,but this wont work too.

It works perfectly.
The only thing I can’t do is to be able to order the cards according to a certain parameter.

I have in firebase some lists with dates and images. I put them in lists and I put them in the extension and everything appears perfect. Except they don’t come out in an orderly way.

I tried to download the lists and sort them and then put them in the cardview but still the cards look disordered …

It would be nice to be able to put an option of order…

is it compulsory to add image

How can we add images from airtable database in cardview images

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Using the :mag: search magical tool i found this:


Please Help me. I am unable to put list from firebase into this extension…

when you get the firebase data, you get it in JSON format. And the MATERIAL CARDS extension works with LISTS.
You would have to convert the Json obtained from firebase to a list…

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