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Hello Community
I have a question to you , i work with the CardView Component (Extension). I want to use Material Icons like in the tuturial. I want to have the share button and so on, but i get only the word share and so on in the APP. I dont know how to get the Icons. I have to change it to MaterialIcons i read but i dont know where. In the Designer Block you have only the possiblibity to set the Font Icon and the Font Text to a Picture. Please can someone help me i wanted and needed this Icons because i want to give the user the chance to have a share Button and other Buttons under the Image in the CardView.

Please show us how you are doing it.

I work with this Extension and all works fine, very fine, but i dont know how to get this Icons in the Card. I want to see the share Button and so on but i shows me only the word what i put in not the Icon. I read that i have something to change to the MaterialIcon but i dont know where.

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Show us also the designer part please

There’s nothing wrong with the blocks.:thinking: Can you share APK file of your app.

this is the card view as an extension not the included Version. . I can but at the moment there is no link to this. So you dont can open the layout where i use this extension.

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This is the not plang58’s blocks. Look at the image. These blocks belongs to the owner of the extension.

Just download Material Icons Font from topic and import it to your assets.

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Oh! I see.
@plang58 please show us how “you” are trying it. It will only be helpful for you.

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You have to upload material icon fonts for it…
And select font icon text

Ok and where do i get this Material Icon Fonts I looked around but i saw only the one from google but i dont know how to get them into my app. Please can someone help me.

and than i have to put the complete libary into that or what. Sorry i dont understand that. Sorry

Upload material icon font as assetes and click on font icon and selecrlt material icon font …
Look video on YouTube. Or search google if still not clear

Ok people thank i understand the process but i spend hours to find a material Icon Font to download. And on youtube i find only videos how to import them but not where i get them. If someone have a link where i can download them
On google i gan only download a svg or a png file or the html code.
And this is not that what i need. Some people talked from awsome Font or so but i dont find a download link where i can download the file to put them in my asset folder and use that as Font.
Thanks very much

Here you go: (58.6 KB)
It is a .zip file, unzip it to get the font.


thanks a really big thank you. I waste a lot of time for nothing what is a easy thing normal Now all works fine


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