Material icons in Side Menu

How to add material icons in vertical arrangement which is used for side menu?

Use the Material Icon font on the buttons or labels.

Can you explain?

You can set the Side Menu to any layout… And use the Material Icons font on the components…

I want use icons not fonts.

Let me explain.

I have taken a verical arrangement for sidemenu and button in it to call action.

As professional side menu i want to add material icons in front of buttons.

How it will be done plz explain in detail.
@Vishwas plz reply.

Please don’t misuse usernames to get attention for your question. Just be patient.


Ok sorry for that. I think vishwas will know better as he is UI designer.

For each sidebar menu item, you can create a horizontal arrangement and set it to clickable.
Then, place two labels inside it. The left one will be your icon, and the right label will be the item text.
Set the font of the left label to Material Icons and the text to the name of the icon.

The full list of material icons can be found at


Thanks all :+1:

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Material Icons is a font.

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When left label font set to material icon and text for label to Home, it doednt showing material icon in app. Only first capital letter ‘H’ is showing in label.

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Is this in the preview panel, the companion, or the built app?

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All icon texts must start and end with a lowercase, your would be home… I just tested it and it’s working fine, in companion.

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It is built app.

Ya this is working when small letters used. Thsnk you!

Can i add clickable icons on title bar??

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i want to know how to put that material icons before my text…!!! in my side menu

Use an Horizontal Arrangement with Label+Spacer+Label, and set to the first label the Material Icon

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If you use Font Awesome you will avoid excessive labels and spaces. Use Font Awesome Cheatsheet and in the text of the label put the code in brackets. Don’t forget to enable html in advanced properties.

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