Material font icons instaed of material icons (.png)?

Is there anyway to use material icons (.ttf) instead of uploading the .png files to assets ?
I need it for sidemenu layout. Any idea ?

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Unfortunately not now.
But you can do that with buttons and labels and make one own side menu.You can customize it as you want.

By creating my own sidemenu ?

Yes you read correct.
You have to just build own side menu in any layout ( I will suggest vertical scroll arrangement ) and in blocks register it as side menu by using block side menu layout ( may be name is not correct ) available in screen blocks.

but if I do that then I will also have to make my own title bar na ?
Else I wont get that navigation drawer icon (3 horizontal lines). And I will also have to find the exact dimensions for each and every icon, spacing etc. Dont you think its way too complicated ?

You do not have to create title bar.It will look like as it was before but a new hamburger (menu) button will be added to title bar.

No it was difficult before but it is easy now.You can make your own title bar.If you want to make that then search in the community.

It is truth.Nothing in this world is easy.

I have a few doubts regarding the dimension of side menu images… what are the recommended dimensions for header background image & icons ?

I found this one for you:

Tht was just a dimension recommended by him… I did comment on the same post…

So the best method to find it out is
Make some stuff and test it on companion

So you mean there are no standard values ?

No and yes.
No because I do not know so I can not say anything about it.
Yes because kodular developers can confirm it.