Material Icons, some icons are not displayed on some devices

Hello there.

I’m developing an app with some material icons and runs properly on my mobile phone and on my tablet.

I also did a test on another tablet (cheap China saying that is Android 8.1) and some icons are not displayed. That happens on:

In fact, only the record_voice_over icon is displayed correctly.

Seems like version of Material icons ttf problem?

Is there anything to do to bypass this problem except to download the .svg image icons?

have you tried font awesome icons?

No, I can’t find the ones I want in fontawesome :frowning:
Also I didn’t try this font…

The bundled font may be outdated. We will try to update it.


Download Material Design Icons
Use Font Typeface Import on Advance properties of component.
Set HTML Format.
Paste hexa code like this 󰒖

We have updated the Material icon font. Will be available with the next update

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