How can i load big data(12600rows) from csv file using kodular dynamic without lag or freeze

can you resend the aia please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i cant get data from fil2(after clock timer)

i feel your csv only does problem, see these two parts doesnot have excat length in htis screen

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the problem in screen (Screen2) not ASNAF

screen(ASNAF) It was for another csv file, but the problem with the application stopping is in screen 2

Use ‘sumit’ Recycle list view extension
no lag easy to use

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paid extension and In Syria, there is no way to pay!!
My soul is broken after all this fatigue in the application and trying all the databases and options

hey wait… just now fixed ASNAF screen. Just like try in remaining screens, now all the 500 values i made to create 100 per second (loading only solved)

this screen must be like this

wait, downloading the aia…

fortesting1.aia (1.1 MB)

check this screen and tell your feedback

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the database have 558rows but in app only load less than 100 why ?

While checking time, i found lgnth of the global response was 500 so adjusted like that. …if so then you have to adjust the blocks to have 558 as last number, Can you?

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Please, I don’t know, can you just clarify what needs to be modified?

blocks (1)
like that ?

Not here, need to adjust in clock2 timer

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Sorry because of my poor English, but I want to get data without causing a lag or force stopping because the user uses the search to get data.
So I didn’t understand what I should adjust in clock

wait, let me fix for common block for any values…

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here poor net connection , so tomorrow will fix but here it shows only 500 in global response length in ASNAF screen

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Well no problem, should I mention you tomorrow here in the comments or not؟ :sweat_smile:

well, see, as i said earlier, i am seeing only 500 items. Now i set univesal maths formula. So it will work i hope any number of items

fortesting2.aia (1.1 MB)

works fine without trouble in companion

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