How can i load big data(12600rows) from csv file using kodular dynamic without lag or freeze

i feel you need to change your methodology cause of more rows… But more rows your are showing in app mean, how user will feel ? Will it be more comfortable? While creating dynamic component more itms in micro seconds do not add any more pressure, i hope you are willing to show phase effect

In fact, the user’s first step is to click on the search button,
I’ll try to put a linear progress to prevent user click on screen

Just now tested the app again by adding more number in baserow (2k) but i got only 556 and i feel no issue, it works fine as it is earlier… May be you may have changed anything or disturbs the logic

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You might want to try out the new Recycler List Viewer, it loads 12000 rows data in a fraction of a sec

LoadBigDataWithNewRecyclerListView.aia (225.5 KB)


thanks :heart_eyes: :smiling_face:

I found a small :sweat_smile:problem when searching
only when searching by (company) it displays infinite duplicate results with (same name same company same at all).!

While other searches like search by name or se all or search by Tarkeb(mean by structure) are normal without problems, there is no error in the blocks.
(image when searching by company(الشركة)

(image when searching by name or Tarkeb or anything else)

SCOPEFULL.aia (1.3 MB)
problem in screen (ALLDRUG) that open after screen1 initialize (by start value = NET)

blocks look normall!

If it is difficult to solve, no problem, I can put companies manually in another screen and get by value
But the strange thing is that the search feature works well with name, Tarkeb…

I cannot focus on it now. I am in work. After 6hrs only I can see to that.

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I noticed that it only happens on some results and not all, I don’t know exactly what happens, I think it’s an information overlap

Why are you make app to run too many baserow components? Why dont you run with same baserow?

Certainly your app will lagg or will give you false data or multiples of data du to unique blocks in all the events…

First design logic, then deisgn codes. I believe single baerow is enough to run the task.

You are confusing your app a lot, i think… Imagine this global name list length will bear the number which baserow gor all fields at last, so you will be fail to proceed further

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but the max size of baserow csv file is 4000rows i cant add more than 4000 in baserow

then what should add is, once first baserow got all rows then allow another baserow to run, likewise go on… Once the final baserow got all rows, then finish the work.

Then why dont you use gsheet as alternate?

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Can you explain to me what I should do with the blocks but this step maybe cause more seconds to load data ? . The reason for not using Google sheets is that it does not support the Arabic language in some cases. Also, most websites are banned in Syria: airtable, heroku …etc


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also you are using same baserow…
it must be different. What will happne is, you will get duplicate items

Finally, I hope the op has achieved his logic through the wonderful Recycler extension , full credit to @zainulhassan extension developer.

Also multiple way of searching also did, that too not takes too much time…

First run only needs data , afterwards I does not need data, based on @Boban method. Earlier searching by single textbox takes too much time with lagging but now filtering data by three text boxes without lagging. Even in every text box at least single text would be enough to sort out data’s from tinydb… for searching does not used any extension instead used a loop.

If anypeople interested just test the APK. And in the three text boxes what need to be searched also shown in the image

As @dora said, single global variable was used to store the items from web / tinydb

SecondRecycler.apk (5.4 MB)

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This is so great thank you all
@dora_paz @Still-learning @Boban @zainulhassan
Thank you to the developer. I thought that the process of downloading data with this size from a database such as google sheet and importing it so quickly offline is a difficult process.
But thanks to you, this is possible. I’m going to make the drug data available to people. As for the file that I will work with for the main app, I will put another link.


Yes possible, remove for each number event block in Onbinview and add properties for each label one by one

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