How can i make a listview without scrolling

i want to make a listview , and i want to disable scrolling in that list view

Without scrolling mean, ?? Have you tried with dynamic component extension ??

i will try dynamic component extension once , without scrolling means my list has 40 items and in the mobile if i want view the 40 items i must scroll the screen up and down to view all 40 items , now i want only list in my mobile but dont want to scroll it up and down

Then you must use grid view and not list view…

List view means scrolling enabled , so do say all the items in grid view… better go with dynamic component.

And i am strongly suggesting you to try this method

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You can use spinner component for this :+1:

please do you have any example aia project

It’s very simple just drag the spinner component

Then add your items in this way: (item1, item2, item3) your list will be created :+1:

i tried this also but this is expandable list

Then how come you can do 40 items in a list without expanding :joy: :rofl:

Have you tried of creating grid view?

yes i tried grid view also

But you should not show all the values , only item no1, item no.2 likewise only. Upon clicking the item then in a pop up you can show what are all present in the list