How can I make all dynamic card views the same

Hello, first of all, I’m trying the dynamic card view for the first time.

And I have created as many as I want and need to put components in each, but this component can only put one component.


How can I put Horizontal_Arrangement1 in all

use dynamic components and dynamic cardview

i am aware and i tried but i couldn’t. That’s why I opened the subject.

i m sending a screenshot

blocks (80)

Thanks for your explanation, with a screenshot, I know very well which block does what.

Thank you

these are main logic using this u can make any type of list view

this is your solution please tick this

I wish you just explained how it works, it’s not very revealing with the screen shot.

Look I need to put this component in its dynamic card view
but I cant:

where is my fault

The problem is that you are mixing dynamic card view and dynamic components . Since you create card view with dynamic components then proceed to set properties using call DynamicComponents.Set Property block

Thanks, I am learning I hope I can do the question I asked,

@dora_paz can you show me how to do it?

Do I have to recreate it this way?

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Dynamically ?

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Try something like this , 5 card views created , each one has a horizontal arrangement in it and each arrangement has a label . Modify it according to your needs


Thank you finally got it

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above my example is working u r doing wrong anywhere

I do not understand what you wanted to say

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