How can i Make an vertical arrangement swipe above another arrangement?

Hi, How can i Make an vertical arrangement swipe above another arrangement when scrolling. To explain, my screen contain 2 arrangements. Half of which is one vertical arrangement and bottom half is a vertical scrollar. So when i swipe i want to make the below arrangement first swipe above through the top component to fill the screen and then start scrolling. How can i do that?

Like using bottom sheet. But i want this sheet to be fixed at half of my screen all time and when swipe up, swipe through above arrangement like a bottomsheet

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If you can show preview it will be easy to understand that what you want…

Like This

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You can make it similar like this but it will not look 100% same as above with AnimScroll

You can use this extension to overlay and drag the arrangement up and down,

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I tried both methods, and the reposition extension mentioned by @Chocoduba_BR [Mohamed_Tamer] fits me better. so iam going with it, and thanking you guys for your help

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hi, i have been using this repositioning extension u mentioned for my app for the design like i mentioned in the video i posted before, it was working fine when i use vertical arrangement, but not working with vertical scroll arrangement. actually the design need vertical scroll arrangement there. any solution for that ?
here the video of what happens when i use vertical scroll arrangement


See this -

by @nikzdreamer2001

by @Kshitij


Actually i want to have the same overlapping effect seen in the video i uploaded. That is to overlap the above arrangement without any animation and whatsoever. On the parallax effect it seems the above arrangement is going up with some animation.

I want to have the same overlapping effect like this.

Try to add vertical scroll arrangement within a vertical one and reposition vertical one. Might work, haven’t test it

Already tested it. But not working.

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Show what you tried please.

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@Seller_Newbie ,I’m not sure but I think it is not possible with Repositioning tool as it will overlap all the components in the activity…
Also there may be alternative you can use animate position using animation utility while scrolling… but this will be buggy sometimes…

Btw the video which I shared was that same as what you wanted…

is this extension FREE?

No, Animscroll is not free…
But have you tried with scroll handler and animation utility…

yes i have tried it but i cant able to work with that
its quite hard and time consuming

I took 1 block to create this with AnimScroll :sweat_smile:

i will try it using dragging extension
it can possible through that

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