How can i make the user able to create his own lists or variables?

I am building a daily to do list and I can’t make the app only show the activities related to the day the user picks from the date picker components.

My idea was to make a list with the date name(sat 25may) and have the app make a list when the user opens any date that has this date name. And if he added any activity i should add that activity to that list. But since the only way to make a list is by initializing a variable and since the user can’t do that I can figure out away to do it.

I also tried to use dictionaries to do the same thing but there is no block for creating keys.

You have to write it to the local TinyDb database.

First, you are wrong here :point_down:

Below are the blocks(a rough idea) which I think will help you to get started.

According to the blocks :point_up:, everytime when the user clicks button, the text in textbox will get added to task list and thus creating a list as per user. Then after, you can either save that list in any storage or continue with your further app flow

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This can’t work because the user needs a separate list for every day.

thanks a lot. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this i though i needed to make the list first the save it but i can save to a tag and call in a list. will try and come back to you

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Thanks, Taifun. I already read those posts before asking?
I think Regerio Rios answer is what I needed, I am testing with it right now.

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