How can i move marker on the map?

Hello! I want to show moving markers on Google map.
I found solution in regular removing marker and then adding it on new coordinates, but i don’t like this solution, marker ID changes and architectural it is not good idea.
There is a block Google_Maps.Update Marker but it is able to change only color, or title, but not the coordinates, so it is useless for my task.
Can anybody give me an advice?

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Visit… Maybe theres documentation there, if you actually search Google. Actually can you give me your search query which you’ve typed? Maybe you spelled it wrong, maybe you spelled our ex name, what did you do, tell me :joy:

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“Google Maps” component “Add Markers From Json”:
“[{id: 1, lat: 48.858261, lng: 2.294590, color: 67, title: “test”}]”
67 - color code number.
Where is the whole list of codes?
How else can you set the color?
What is the complete list of permitted keys?
How to use the component “Add Markers”?

You don’t ask questions of related components, different issues, or different questions in the same topic. Open a new topic, and then maybe someone will help you.

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Color selection - it can be any integer from correct range.
Here is the picture, I used

  1. How to use
    It was kind of hard to understan this… :slight_smile: But the key moment for understanding - AddMarker is able to add several markers at time.
    So you have to make a list for each maker (Lat, Long, and so on) and then make a list of lists. I mean make a list each element is a pointer to list with data for particular marker.
    Also, remembering you can add several markers at one time, add marker returns the list of it IDs.

So to work with markers:

  1. Make a list type variable Markers_ID
  2. Make a list type variables for each marker Marker1, Marker2, Marker3 fill this lists with elements: Long, Lat, Color, Name…
  3. Make a list Markers_Data with elements: Marker1, Marker2, Marker3
  4. Set Markers_ID = AddMarker (Markers_Data)

These are my blocks.

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