How to apply the "Get Markers" block?

How to apply the “Get Markers” block?

How to explain more?


I think he is talking about Google Maps, but even if this is the case it is still hard to understand what he wants exactly.


I need a screenshot of how to apply this block. How create screenshot:
Click right button Mouse and press “Download Blocks as Image”.

when Google_Maps1.On_Marker_Click => List_View1.Elements to call Google_Maps1.Get_Markers

I get an Error!
How to apply this block correctly?

I need to get a field of “title” by clicking on the merker.
These are my blocks.


This is a json parcel for the code above.

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I need same thing. Get title or snippet from Marker.

Each Marker is a list.

You can use the ListPairs and search for Title.

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If You look the picture, i have markers loaded, but when i call the get markers method, i have error that There aren’t markers loaded.

Please create a super small AIA file that recreates the same issue and send it to me.

If i use a label i get same error. It gives a null response (nothing)

show blocks and error and doit response please

a little example.

if you long click on map, you create a marker.
If you click button1, then you have the list of markers id
if you click button2, you should have the markers properties, but, it only gives nothing

marcadores_gmap.aia (2.8 KB)

if you have succeed with this, could you teach us how to get the properties of a marker? thanks

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did you see the aia?

Hmm, the positions list you provided is in a JSON list format. Kodular lists only accepts CSV lists

May I see an example?


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I am not looking for the Marker ID. I am looking the Marker properties, like title, color, etc

I have duplicate the properties in the additional list under the corresponding index. So I can get these properties.

Can you show that please on an example? Show the title for a particular marker, after de click on that marker

anyone has succeeded with this?

Did you get the properties of the markers with the get marker procedure?