How can I reed a labels from screen

I want to build an application for blind people. I need to read labels from the screen or from other applications to spech them like Talkback on Android. Of course I need the accessibility permission but after that? Have anyone idea how can I do that?

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For your app you can get text for label and used text to speech component to speech the label content.

Read the documentation

To read label from other app’s, i think you can’t do that ( I hope to be wrong )


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Unfortunately this requires a Service and thus not possible via any of the Builders:

@bestprintsf is correct you use the TTS Component to read your apps text.

We had a small topic about that a few weeks ago.

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Thanks for your replies. I understand that is not possible to do that.

I don’t know if it is not possible. The other user was able to get it to work on button text. Did you try?