How can i set all firebase url and id at the same time

Please help me
Its very annowing to set firebase url and id at every firebase database component

I tried using set firebase url and id to one text but it didnt work please help

Show the blocks which have you tried,…

Ok wait for 2 min

Can you please elaborate what you’re trying to infer?

I am saying that when we use firebase database component we have to put firebase url and id at every firebase component , cant we just put one time url and id at every single screen ?

What are you trying to make with these much of database component… As per my experience you only need to import 1 database component which can handle all of your work

Exactly. I agree.

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I dont know that much of blocking thatswhy i used so many , is there any way to just solve this ?

You don’t have to use these many Firebase components. Using one firebase component, you can upload multiple data.

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Which type of app you are trying to make?

Or learn firebase database there are many tutorials available on community and YouTube

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Would you mind saying what are the datas you’re uploading?

But i purchased this aia , i cant change blocks .

From whom?

Who told you that you cant?

i am noob in this but is there any way to just save time ? This is a tournament app aia

I can but i have to do more work on that

If you want to become :kodular:oder here you have to do work… You are running away from hard work i see

Sorry for that but please help me , i am also selling aia and i also setup to those thatswhy i am asking

Okay. But what categories of data you’re uploading like name, email id?