How can i set border shadow of a dynamic button?

i just try to remove border shadow of a button.
but i don’t know how can i do this for dynamic button.

there is no block to set border shadow to false.

i just try to get property using this block but i am getting a error called property not found.

please help me

try using this extension
in.i4Creator.buttomdesing.aix (8.1 KB)

i am using the same extension.
but i don’t know which block will help me

You can already do this using Dynamic component extension as it already have BorderShadow property :point_down:

To set the same to false just set its value to false. Something like this :point_down:


thanks @Vaibhav

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@vaibhav where you find this block named listdetails

It is there in the latest version of the extension


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