How can I Shuffle the list every time the app opens?

This is a normal list I am showing in my app but I want it to be shuffled every time it shows.

This are the blocks to show them in the list.

I have tried list util but it didnt work.
Can anyone please help me?

Maybe using ListUtils extension might help you

are you using airtable?

I have already tries listutil i wrote before in the post but it didn’t work.

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no, i am using Firebase

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Missed that part :pensive:

Are you using recycler view in the list?

In which type you want to shuffle, Algorithm or just freely

I am using colintree listview

freely or algorithm it dosent mater, it should shuffle, also every one should get the chance to get fin the top of the line

Here is a procedure that should work for you.
it shuffles on a random order
blocks (59)

It is random, so every item should get a chance to get at the top.

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No, my question is that are you calling all the data at the same time.

but why there is a remove list block? I don’t want to remove anything i just want it to be random?

my method to prevent data from repeating.

this will remove items from local list - name (duplicate of global list Campaign),
and will not effect your global list (Campaign).

it will make a random, non-repeated list.


the link and the name is mismatching with this method

when you will Shuffle Lists

that definitely will be the first thing to encounter.

That’s not the Error of

you Need to Wisely Handle your Click Event with Respect to Links List.

how can i do that?

From my Guess you are doing when Name1 click open Link1.

Make a new list of Links with respect to index of Shuffled items in Name List.

Then use that List to select Links.

thats the main thing i am unable to do, i dont understand how can i do that but you are right about this, this is the process i am using…

can you please help me with this problem?