How can I trigger normal notification with custom sound at particular time like 5 PM

I have found this extension I know this can help me: Background Tasks [4.1] πŸ₯³ and this [FREE] πŸ’Œ Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. πŸ’Œ so I would like to perform the task described in title I would like to know what can I do?

Alarm maneger

You can pass Instant clock object to the latency time of the extension and set the Exact property to true, this way you will be able to start a service at that time.

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Any docs / link?

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Thanks do you know any tutorial video or some docs from that I can understand about clock component and that background task from beginning coz I don’t know about it.

If there isn’t any then what way do you suggest me to learn basics.

here is my alarmmanager extension

however it is not abe to set a custom sound there

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Any other possible way?