How To set Alarm With Background Task Extension or anything else?

I want to set An Alarm At 12.00 PM (Or After 24 Hours) and execute some blocks in my kodular application

I Found Some Extension called Background Task extension But I have no idea how to run a block at 12.00 Pm (Or After 24 Hours) …

blocks (11)
Help Me :slight_smile:

Have you seen this ?


but how to run block after the alarm is done?
Can you show me Any example blocks?

In the above link there is an example where a notification is created after, have you checked it ?

I checked But Not working
blocks (12)
blocks (13)

Alarm Manager Extension

Download - Deep Host

This might be helpful

I think in our community deep host extension is not to recommend.


#off-topic but those are helpful and runs well

Thank You very Much i will buy it !

It’s because you have set the function name to Simplenotification, instead replace it with SimpleNotification. Function names are case sensitive. Please note this.

Extension is complecated for a normal use, please be aware of “what could be wrong”.


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