How can i use this service in my app to make voice call?

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If they offer API, you can use that to integrate in your app.

Yeah, MirrorFly comes with a customizable voice call API and SDK to make voice calls on your existing application by integrating it. The voice call API solution can be used for multiple voice communication modes for businesses to connect from any device.

  1. Voice calling
  2. SIP & VoIP Calling
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Call Queuing
  5. Call Recording
  6. Push to Talk
  7. Group Calling
  8. End to End Encryption

To know more about MirrorFly’s voice calling solution for businesses :

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Please Explain

Yes please explain why do you have 4 accounts?


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They have the same ip adres as you so… please explain.

I don’t know.I am not using vpn or poxy.Please believe me