How can I validate in a tex box that an RFC really does exist?

Hello community, good morning, I am from Mexico and I am in a project which asks me in a field that the user enters to validate that the information (RFC) is correct and really exists.

Is there any way to verify that information, if it could be what the solution would be?

Either create a procedure to check RFC or search for an api like

Hello, @dora_paz thank you very much for answering, how would you create a procedure that manages to verify the RFC?

Excuse me, I am a bit new to the subject of data verification, I will also try to do it with the api that you provided me and I will tell you later if it worked for me.

Validation of RFC is based on an algorithm so if you know that algorithm you can create a custom procedure with blocks to check it, for example in the post below there is an example of Argentinian VAT validation

@Edgar_Uriel_Sanchez_Cruz ,

The way is:

  • look for the routine that checks if the RFC is valid.
  • split routines into subroutines.
  • translate these subroutines into a programming language or directly into blocks.

So you will have to search In some database.


It sounds complicated, I am something new in these topics, I already tried with an API and it threw me the following message "{“message”:“Endpoint/rfc/verify/ does not exist”}"
The subject of routines and subroutines I do not understand :disappointed_relieved:
I appreciate your time and comment

Using above api

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Thank you very much @dora_paz. It worked perfectly for me!
I only have to put some instruction that when it validates and the answer is “TRUE” it validates the field and lets continue, if it is “FALSE” it is the opposite.

I thank you for your time, it was very helpful. (attached screen of its operation)

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You could use dictionary blocks to get the info that you want from json response. Example can be found in

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