How can the app understand that the device is on DarkMode

Hello Kodular Community

Is there any way to make my app understand that the real device is on DarkMode

I have searched the Community & found an extension for that but this extension doesn’t work, shows an error.

You have to use default theme in properties. So, your app will switch to dark mode automatically when device is in dark mode

Can You tell me how? Where will I get the Deafult theme properties?

No I didn’t want to switch the app into dark mode automatically.

In projects settings, theming

Ooh! This one… But sorry!

I want something that,

If Night Mode = true
Show Notify = Can’t enable nightmode!

If I use…


Then I got this error??


You should use light theme in theming as described by @dora_paz . But you can’t get the thing you’re willing as far as I know

Ok Ok! Is it not possible.

Use latest version of extension


Yes, This works!!!

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