How can we integrate the app text box to the website textbox?

That I wanted when the user enter in textbox i provided and I need to get that text in text in the website …
eg:Chat GPT ,there is a textbox to paste question ,I need the user to put question in my texbox and that text needed to get in website and the output text is needed to get in another textbox in app.

set blocks like this

and then go to that website and view source code of that website find the html class or id tag text box on website and then put this JavaScript code in first string

getElementsByClassName("class tag of text box from website").value"

and put this in 2nd string


and then in last joining add textbox.text
and the for clicking button , find button class or id on website and then
put this value inside string

document.getElementsByClassName("class name of button")[0].click();