How can we make Copyright services in app?

hi i want to know that how to make copyright of an app with terms of use in a designed way
like some games like pubg or apps like tik tok maybe asking

is it possible in kodular
i wanna create it in my app only how i can do?

can u help me

You want to copyright your app

i dont understand i want to copyright app in kodular with good designs

Copyright is not done inside app.
Its done by some legal procedures.
There is so manu website that do this job but all are paid.
Copyrighting apo means no one can use logo and app content without you permission.

oh!so i can also do in play store console while uploading app?

I think you mean privacy policy?Or what?Because

That what i understood from your word: :man_shrugging:

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If you need to make privacy policy then this will help you.

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Let me clear up some confusions about copyright. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, but I hope this helps.

Copyright does not require that you pay or have any sort of setup process, unlike trademarks and patents. Copyright registration is just an extra layer of protection, but there are many alternatives to registration that are sometimes better.

If you create something, that thing is protected by copyright law. If someone copies you without your explicit consent, you can sue them with evidence that you created that thing. A dated Play Store listing or even screenshots from Kodular can serve as evidence.

There are many new emerging services that act as notaries for digital and physical products, many of them not owned by the government, many free, but all valid.

If you back up your AIA files often, you can put them in a Git repo and try using (it has nothing to do with IP addresses; IP here stands for intellectual property). They’ll keep track of the dates of when you backed up and made things, so you can use that as evidence.

However, all of this is optional, and there’s a low chance you’ll ever need to take legal action, and an even lower chance that you’ll need to register for copyright. In fact, copyright registration is completely optional and many intellectual property holders don’t register their copyright at all.

Once again, I am not a lawyer, and if you want in-depth info, go speak with one.


Both are different.

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I know.But i think he means the privacy policy.