Upload video content any website than play store give me copyright

hi i want to download video and upload my app than play store give me copyright
Site list
T Series music

any one help me

Is this related to your other topic? Maybe you should write and translate it via google translate and then paste it here? You questions are not always clear.

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No ,AND MY English so bad i have no keyboard my Language So I can not translate My Language sorry

You can not use copyrighted material without permission. If Google or Kodular could suspend you for that.

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Use Google transcribe, you don’t need to type anything

Thank For Help

Google translate also has that option.


Or you could make a translator app from voice to text with Kodular. :wink:

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but Everyone Upload Funny video and Music No Need permission and who Give Me copyright Google ya Content Owner

this is ANDROID APP I AM USE Laptop

That they upload it doesn’t mean the got permission. The owner should give you permission. If we see someone using copyrighted material in Kodular we suspend that persons developer account.

No need to shout. And you didn’t tell him you are using a laptop. He was just trying to help. Be thankful.

can you plz suggest Funny Video and Free Music website FOR No copyright issue

If you don’t own content, you can get copyright strike anytime

If you want to make apps for long time then don’t try all this.

Owner Give Me CopyRight Ya Play Store auto Give copyright strike

I have zero personal experience in this

You are kodular admin You don’t no this issue now who help me :sneezing_face: :sob:

I’m not related/associated with kodular. I’m just like you.