How can we upgrade and update facebook bidding aix made by oseamiya to sdk 6.11.0

From this topic Free Admob with Facebook Bidding

I want want to thank all kodular team and other contributors and on this topic I real need help on how we can update the facebook extension made by @oseamiya

From my end I am getting this alert

For adMob extension there is no problem on how to build

But when it comes to Facebook the SDK is not there for sdk 6.11.0

as you see here

Please if some know how we can upgrade this great aix made by @oseamiya kindly provide the short guide how to do it.

Thanks in advance to all koders

Why not ask the developer to update instead.

P.S. It’s not just swapping out some files and thinking it’s done

ok! let us wait for @oseamiya

You may use this.

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