How delete files from SD Card?

From Android 5 you cannot delete files from the memory card.
All available applications (like Total Commander and others file managers) use the “Documents” program to be able to delete files and copy files to the SD card.
How to get access to delete files on the SD card in Kodular?

I searched and found no solution. Maybe someone was testing something and knows how to do it?

The “file” component fails.
“TaifunFile” also.

I am looking for a solution.
I need to delete the list of files on the SD card in android 9 and 10.

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I didn’t write but permissions are granted. It doesn’t change anything.

Why don’t you try yourself…
may be you can do it …


It is strange but on Android 5.1 only Total Commander was unable to delete files on the SD card from what I tried. What TaifunFile does?

Do you think that if I didn’t try, I would seek help here?

Not reports an error and the file stays.
All works correctly in the phone’s memory. Deleting does not work on the memory card.

“Memory card” = removable (micro) SDcard?
If so, you cannot write (delete) on the removable SDcard. It’ only readable on (modern) Android systems.

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Yes, SD card.
It is writable by an external application.
Total Commnader and other file management applications can do this.
The question is, will there be such an option in kodular?

See here: How does Total Commander write to Ext. SD card in Android? - Total Commander

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