How did you come to Kodular? [Poll]

How did you came to know about Kodular?

Me: Searched on Youtube for how to make apps and I found Thunkable… Later I explored App Inventor Variant builders and found Kodular… (Makeroid at that time)
As it has more features, I sticked to it…

What about you:

  • Google Search
  • Youtube
  • Social Media
  • Friends/Relatives
  • From other builders to Kodular
  • Others

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You can also tell a story in reply…


If your answer is from other builder to Kodular, then which one?

  • Appybuilder
  • Thunkable
  • MIT App Inventor
  • Other(Please reply, I will add)

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Same story as your. First I came to know we can make app without coding on YouTube then I stared thunkable after that Kodular( Makeroid ) as Kodular gives more features I am still here. :wink:


I was searching extensions for App Inventor and came across @Taifun’s site.
I saw this:

Snapshot from Time machine

So I said to myself:

Hm, didn’t know, let’s try them.

So I tried all of them and switched to Kodular since I liked it the most.


Anyone has not learn’t about kodular from
Friens/Relatives Others or Social Media. Why???

I don’t if anyone believes it but my one is same

I think ontstudions and Yoshi are made of same person.

Might be false, but at least they must be best of friends

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Even @Diego came from other builder
I think MIT App Inventor
Or may be from all builders and then inspired to create Kodular :crazy_face:


See Diego’s Vote


A lot of users are using multiple builders. I used App Inventor, Thunkable, AppyBuilder when i discovered Kodular then called Makeroid.

I was immediately impressed by what these young guys were doing. So i was there almost from the beginning. @Boban and i joined the community on the same day now almost 3 years ago.


@Peter Are you an employee?
or what?

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Very good question… Did ask myself many times…

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No i am a moderator on the community.


Are you doing job as a moderator?

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No this is voluntarily.


Salaried / partner of Kodular?

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voluntarily means i do it for free. So no pay. But we are getting off-topic. This is not the lets ask @Peter a lot of questions. :crazy_face:


Off-topic. Too much.



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Funny thing

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I came across kodular because my google account deleted it’s self so I couldn’t use mitai2 then I looked up for mitai2 alternative and found makeroid (that’s what it was called at the time)

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