How do I access AppyBuilder projects?

AppyBuilder doesn’t work. I still have working projects there. How can I get my projects back? They are very important to me and necessary for my business. Why didn’t you automatically transfer users? I just discovered today that I have lost everything and cannot continue to work and develop my project !!

It is more then a year ago when this was first announced and you had many many months to backup your projects. Why didn’t you do that? If they are important and necessary for your business you should have made a backup even when appybuilder wasn’t shutting down. It would seem you haven’t been to AppyBuilder since august 2019 when it was first announced.


I am not a commercial developer. I don’t make money making software. It’s simple.
How do I get my projects back?

If my application works fine and does not need updating for two years, then this is probably good ?? Is not it? And now it became necessary to simply change the trademark to a new one. And who would have thought that no one cares about the user and his project is simply blocked !!

You still have missed that you should have made backups of the projects that are important to you.


You can not expect to go away for two years from any service and then just continue. Even Google doesn’t give that kind of service. They shut down services to.


I could not even imagine that this is possible.
In principle, I really only need one project out of all. But I don’t know how to get it back. Please help.

So I lost my project forever? Please give a clear answer to a specific question.
And I understand that no one is responsible for anything? So?

Yes, someone is responsible and that is you. Were you a paying appybuilder user?

You did not answer the question.
So I lost my project forever? Please give a clear answer to a specific question.

Unfortunately, it turned out that there are no people here who respect the work of others and try to help in solving the problems that have arisen.

The simple and specific answer is that you have lost your projects. Can’t do anything about it. The only thing possible now is to make them again


Unfortunately it would hard or not even possible to recover the project. But may be any staff member can answer this better.

But considering Kodular or AppyBuilder responsible for the loss of your project is not fair.
They had given enough time time to all users to migrate their projects or to take backup of projects. It’s your fault that you were inactive during that time and didn’t considered to take back-up of your important projects


Here’s a good and instructive example. Small project files have been stored since 2017.

They warned users and that was their obligation.

Soon, they fulfilled their obligation.

The obligation for users was to make backup.

Now it is time to restart your project.


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Why is everyone sure that I have to go to the site regularly and check if something new has been invented and I have to save my job ??? The program worked for me and did not require changes until today.
Why didn’t they automatically transfer users? Why didn’t you send a warning message?
It is very difficult to make a lost program again, it will take a very long time. I am not a professional programmer and I have to remember and learn a lot again. I don’t even know if it’s worth starting now …

Do not forget : backup and avoid problems.

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I understand the frustration, but as a former AppyBuilder developer that migrated I remember getting notifications as a user. Links and warnings were sent to me letting me know that I had to move my projects or lose them forever.

As a developer (whether professional or not), you shouldn’t keep your work in one place. You should keep backups in case something is corrupted or deleted. I download the aia file with every release that I export so that this never happens (I keep a copy on my machine, on an external backup drive, and on google drive as well).

Now, I can tell you that when I migrated I rebuilt everything from the ground up and it was really beneficial for me because there were some differences between AppyBuilder and Kodular and I learned much more about how it all worked by redesigning my app with the new service. If you can look at this as a learning experience and grow as a developer, then I think you’ll be better for it.


These are not important projects. I have lost a very important one here, I need it for work.

The difference between your example and what happened is that MIT App Inventor didn’t shut down and close their servers, AppyBuilder did. If AI ever does shut down, then the same thing would probably happen. They would announce that they would be shutting down and give their users a date to get their projects backed up by. After that date I’m sure it would be very unlikely that projects would be recoverable without a backup.

I’m very sorry that this happened to you, but it’s the way things like this work. When a service shuts down, they don’t continue to host data indefinitely.