How do I access AppyBuilder projects?

People, understand, I have another, main job and business. There is no time to learn from scratch everything that has been forgotten. To restore the program, you need to sit for a month without separation. It is a huge amount of preparatory material and so on.
I have not received any warning.
For me, what happened was a disaster.

it seems to be you learned the hard way, how important it is to backup your projects
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Trust me, we understand. Most of us aren’t doing this for a living and are just developing in our spare time. I design for my company, but that’s not my primary job and I’m not seeing any developer pay for it. It just ultimately makes my job easier with the app than without.


I have asked the developers if there is any backup left of the appybuilder projects. That is the only chance you have to getting your project back.


Even if you recover your project files, be aware that most of the times the old AppyBuilder aia files are not 100% compatible with Kodular and you will have to manually fix a lot of stuff which in the end might be even more work than re creating your app from scratch. Besides a lot (and I mean A LOT) has changed in the last 2 years, so you might benefit from redoing and optimizing your app by using new components, blocks and extensions that were not available back then.


And for the future:


Don’t you mean that three of the projects shown in the image are created back in 2017 and one has been created back in April of 2019?

Thanks to all. Good luck in the new year.


What about AppyBuilder offline on GitHub? Will that get taken down?

no, you still can use it… however it will get more and more outdated…