Recovering the old application from appybuilder. Is it possible?

Is there any chance of recovering the old application design?
I didn’t save the project before connecting to kodular.
Now I can’t find it and continue.
I found an older version on, but it’s too old project.
Is there a chance for a aia file from

But this is kodular community… If you want to recover your old project you need to message to @Diego … but do know still this method exists or not

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The kodular community is also an old appybuilder community. Appybuilder has been integrated into the kodular.

But you’re right. I’ll mark @Diego, maybe it will help.

Most probably your project isn’t compatible with Kodular cause a lot of components were different. You can always use AppyBuilder’s offline version to open your aia and either remove incompatible components and then upload it to Kodular or try to recreate to Kodular.

Also in order to check compatibility you can use unchive

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The problem with missing aia project file.

It has been almost 2 years ago that it was announced that AppyBuilder would be joining Kodular. I think your project is lost since the Gold servers were shut down a long time ago. If you have an older version that is still on a silver.appybuilder server than you should start working from there. Just like @dora_paz said. Get your aia from there. See what is not Kodular compatible and add the rest.

You should really make backups of your important projects.


I make copies in a codular.
I didn’t do it then, and since then I’ve been wondering how to get this project back.
Maybe these files are somewhere else? I know it’s been a long time.

Unfortunately without backup aia there is no way. As @Peter mentioned servers shut down a long time and there where plenty of time for AppyBuilder’s users to download and save their projects