How do I add the item to the start of the list?

I want to add the item to the beginning of the list but I have not found a way to do so

are u using list picker or list view , or u can share ur method and blocks image here :grin:

Three steps:
set a text to a list (maybe it will be look like (1 2 3 4), then use the segment text component)
set the text to [item] join [text]
set the list to the text

if you want to add item AFTER CREATING LIST at particular index(like beginning in your case), use insert list item list index item from LIST.

hope it help you.

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Can you give an example of the blocks?

At the moment Iā€™m using this method:

א×Ŗה יכול ל×Ŗ×Ŗ דוגמה של בלוקים?

what about using the insert list item block together with index = 1?
see also AI2 Lists | Explore MIT App Inventor



I succeeded, just doing this:

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