How do I cut a certain amount of parts from a link?

I want to cut the domain from a link. For example Welcome to the Community! from this link only I will cut this piece. How do I do it?

Use block spit.

Split at /

Index 1,2,3 is result

Or, after split
join https://
Joint index 3

can you please make a example block for me?

Ok… wait…

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You can use either oF the block. For more info please refer this.

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Can you please explain the index block. Why 3?

Count the /… You want to avoid the text after the third / so he used 3. Try to replace with 1 and 2 and see what is happening. You will get ideas

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oke got it. Thank you.

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what’s wrong here? Why not working?

it also not working.

Android version ?

android version 11.

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