how do i download a file using webview

how do I download a file using WebView? I’ve tried everything and I can’t download it

(I’m sorry if I have an error in English, it’s not my native language)

Welcome to the community. What have you tried so far ? Please post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help. Also sinnce this is your first visit please have a look at

What type of file it is or you want to download any file .Then you must use an extension because with help of extension you can even make your own download folder of app and even get download progress.

@Igor_Lubu Using this blocks you can download files using web viewer.

blocks (12)

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ok try this :-

You can also get progress by using this:–

And also resume or pause download

here is the extension:----
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@Aditya_Nanda it is not allowed to post direct extensions or links to extension unless you are the developer. You can post a link to the developers’s page or post not to mention that deephost’s extensions are not supported in the community

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I’ve tried it that way, and it didn’t work :confused:

And how do we know what does not work? :thinking:

the blocks I was using are similar to the one Anu_Rocks sent above
but the download doesn’t start and nothing happens.

(sorry I’m still a bit of a layman on the subject)

You will not get monetization approval from Kodular.

can you tell me why? what’s wrong??

Ok Thank You I will take care next time

Use my block that is the most easiest way for you downloading file ok If you want extension then personal message me

Kodular doesn’t approve ads approval for the app which uses third party website.

If the website is your own you have to send details about it to the kodular.

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why you are replying that you are don’t know

oh thanks for informing