How do I get all the user data using phone number in firebase

I want to get all the data of specific user using phone number.
I cant find solution on the community.

Are you using firebase authentication?? If not try to use web method. You can easily get it

Then by using index is in the list block we can show only the selected user details as you like


Im using phone auth on the login page but not on this page. will it work?

I am not sure but you can try to design blocks for that,

It will work if you set no specific rule for reading and writing I think

What I want is same as mySql "select * from DB where phone =‘phone’ ";

I don’t think this is possible with firebase. If you use authentication then this is possible along with user access token

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I already did it. Thanks for replying btw giving some idea.

Not a good practice but it solve my problem.

Instead of firebase if you choose gsheet then this is possible with lightning fast

Is this working?? Why did you create empty list at the end but that too after setting elements in list view? Don’t you get any error

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No error, I empty the list so the next listView will not overlap.

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