How do I make a button that clicks on an icon in WebView

I want to make a button that clicks on an icon on a web page

I want the button to click on the like button on YouTube, for example

You can use js to evaluate

Multiple guides are there regarding this in our community

Read here


Can you explain to me how to make the button click on the last button on this siteحيوانات-للبيع/قطة-للبيع/بنت-مخلطة-هيمالايا-على-مون-فيس-55-يوم_i447

The button is green
Note: The link in the button changes on each page
Example Here the change takes place

If this page appears, click on Go to the site
Because it is not the page I want


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There is a problem with the button not working unless you press the screen that has the web page
I have to tap anywhere on the screen before I can tap the button
What is the solution?

I did this to make the button click on an icon on the site
The problem is that the button only works when I click anywhere on the site
When I press the button it doesn’t work
When I click anywhere on the page and then press the button it works
What solved the problem

show us your complete blocks…

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How do I make a screenshot for all blocks
I don’t think the problem is in the blocks

you cannot click this button with the js command, the only thing you can do is get a link to this button and use the activation component to follow this link.

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The link changes on every page
like this Here change happens