[Not working customwebview-extension ] Auto Click Web Viwer

5.Click on a button
To perform onClick function we shall have to call click() for that element.
Js: document.getElementById("btn_id").click();

For example, login page has a button named Log In whose id is wp-submit so blocks will like this:

not work this customwebview extension
Send New send new method im waiting 9 months
how to work auto click webviwer button??
why - document.getElementById("btn_id").click();

Show your blocks.

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Have you tried it with the normal webviewer?

Also have a look that you are giving correct id,or you are not giving class name instead.

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web viwer auto click ???
any sloution

you might want to try this example

and concerning the Custom Webview extension:
the author of the extension has been suspended in this community…
for questions about the extension, please ask on his webpage here